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Giselle Zart is a designer, illustrator and always curious. Born in 1989, in the interior of Santa Catarina and lives in Blumenau/Brazil. Since she was 13 years old, started to learn about pixels, bitmaps, gifs and vectors, starting to create graphic arts and taking an interest in photographic processes. During training, began to serve clients and when she graduated, started working in the industry and companies as a designer. Currently works with a focus on product design and information technology.

Created projects where she could understand needs, solving design and consumer problems. Also developed storyboards, visual identities, essays, editorials, websites and apps, understanding visual connections and business strategies. 

The experience is inserted between conceptualizing, thinking about guidelines, visual details, organizing methodologies in chaos, combining multiple points of contact and designing digitally, for brands and people. Also has personal and professional projects, leaving her expression through illustration, collage and 

Get in touch: zartgiselle@gmail.comAlways a work in progress ✷
Certificate in UX Design (EBAC/20)
Edit - Editorial Layout (Escola Casa/19)

Postgraduate - Specialization in Illustration (Univali/17)
Scholarship in Visual Arts (Uniplac/14)
Technical degree in Photography (Senac/11)

BTech degree in Interior Design (Uniplac/10)
Curriculum Lattes
2021  Educational Content “Roupa dá em árvore?” (Museu Herman Hering)

2020 Expancine Festival: "Se eu fosse eu?" (MultiOpen Shopping)
2016 Woodcut "Matrioska" (Univali)
2016 "Mujica" Caricature (Univali)
2016 "Sirena" Digital Painting Techniques (Univali)
2015 "Mushroom" Anamorphic 3D (Univali Parking)
2011 "Jardim Elétrico" Photography (Senac)
2010 "Across the Universe" Ceramic (Uniplac)
2009 "Capricho" Studio (Uniplac)
2008 1st Collective Academic Design Exhibition (Uniplac)
2007 Woodcut "Labyrinth" (Uniplac)
2007 Secrets of Industrial Design (Uniplac)
Fundação Hermann Hering, Wishin, Sesc, Henry Schein, Unimed, Sesi, Karmani, Alicerce, Udesc, Santíssima Catarina, Espaço Princess, Serasa, Rosecon, Bravacom, Banco do Brasil, Sanjo, OAB/SC, Elian, Ambev, Bradesco, CDL Lages, Plastpet, Sigmacom, Casa Almeida - Buddemeyer Luxus.

2020 "Inversos", by Luciane Izabel, Inde
2019 "Paralelo Magazine", Collage Cover for Digital Publication - Academic Journalism at Uniplac
2018 "Visual Project Management: using information to innovate", Julio Teixeira, Alta Books
2018 "Jornal de Santa Catarina" Cover
2015 "Clean City", @projeto.cidadelimpa - Booklet
2014 "Grafitti: Social Practices Integrated to Teaching Visual Arts" Luciane Izabel, Udesc

​​​​​​​2014 "Internacional de Lages" Cover - Diário Catarinense