Hello :)
I'm Giselle Zart, designer with experience in digital products and visual design.
Photography, illustration and artwork were my gateway to the creative and design industry. I’m 32yo and started working as a freelancer, later in agencies and starting my first profissional steps in tech and digital design, for over ten years. 
✷ Product Design
Currently working on digital products, with user-centered mindset and sensitivity, creating concept, structure, iterate and deliverables. Development of projects and services for different sectors and learning more about omnichannel experiences and research methodologies. Worked with multidisciplinary teams and in projects with different levels of complexity, to achieve the goal of making the internet a better place and translate technologies to simplify people's lives.
✷ Visual Design
My formely background was as an industrial, interior and visual design, profession that i like a lot and i learned many things. Started creating basic websites and apps in my first clients and professional experiences with content and digital marketing teams. I found myself in complex projects, first thinking about visual details, then brand guidelines and combining interfaces with multiple touchpoints. Based in Blumenau with an amazing lovely motion designer and filmmaker, and sometimes I do works with photography and illustration. 

Always a work in progress :)