Giselle Zart was born in Brazil in 1989. She's a designer, illustrator and photographer, with experience across omnichannel products and services. Always curious about the area, since 2008 she has designed across many disciplines, including information technology, visual communication, brand identity, editorial, audiovisual and furniture. 
She built projects for selected companies like Elian, Wishin, Fundação Hermann Hering, Henry Schein, Sesc, Casa Almeida • Buddemeyer Luxus, Karmani, Unimed, Bravacom, Banco do Brasil, Asus, Idelli, Plastpet, Serasa, Rosecon. Currently work full-time as a product designer at XP Inc. Building products with a curiosity about the depths of human nature and new technologies, she feels called to help others, shoot analogue pictures and illustrations from time to time. ✷ Always a work in progress.